Brown Leather Skirt

£270.00 GBP


This Brown Leather Skirt is made from 100% Ecotan leather and natural vegetable dyes. The silhouette is fitted at the top with a button and zipper closure and flares out at the bottom with pleats for easy movement. The perfect sophisticated and playful piece.

Ecotan leather is part of our new bio-circular fashion model, which supports local organic farming. The leather is sourced as a by-product from farms, and then goes through an Ecotan process that makes the material safe for the earth. In this process chemicals and chrome are removed from the leather. At the end-of-life stage, the leather is shredded and made into fertiliser for organic farming, whereby the model then restarts.

Fiwoo is a UK size 10 and is wearing a size Small.

Made in Italy.